#Greeningthehood is an initiative started by Kyesha Ruffin of Science In The City Inc, which is an extension of the movement #ThePledge. The purpose of the campaign is to bring awareness to the benefits of gardening and urban farming. As the economy recovers from the effects of a global pandemic; the importance of a healthy diet and embracing a healthy lifestyle have become a priority. The first step to having a healthy diet is access to high quality fruits and vegetables. The next step is education. 


 #Greeningthehood is positioned to deliver both. Providing information to those in need of access to healthier food options; like marginalized groups that live in food deserts, as well as creating green spaces where a deficit exists. Statistics show that when unhealthy food sources are distributed inequitably based on socioeconomic status the higher concentration is found in poor neighborhoods. There is direct correlation between high obesity rates in those said neighborhoods and access to healthy foods. #Greeningthehood is the solution to the problem. Community engagement is the cornerstone of the initiative. With garden days, starter gardens and green-workshops, we employ all stakeholders to get involved in the equitable distribution of green spaces. Planting seeds of hope for the community at large.