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RockEDU Science Outreach

Why are we partnering with RockEDU:

Rockefeller provides biomedical research for high school students in the NYC area. The program is focused on students discovering and developing their scientific research skills. Scicity is partnering with RockEDU because we share a common goal to expose students to opportunities that develop their science identity. Any student who is interested should apply. We believe that grades are not the only indicator of brilliance. Curiosity, consistency and commitment are characteristics that are heavily weighed. Get your application in today.

Life Science Cares New York

It was an incredible opportunity to present at the New York Stock Exchange. I felt very accomplished and validated that all the hard work Science In The City has been doing was worth it. It was amazing to be surrounded by such dynamic women and to feel like I belonged in that space. I brought my own authenticity to the panel and it was an incredible experience.

This is just the beginning! There is still a lot of work to be done but I am looking to partner with others because I cannot do this alone. The young people that I work with deserve it. They are our future and we need to invest in them now.

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