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Science In The City Ambassadors​

Science In The City Inc. Ambassadors program cornerstone is peer leadership. We provided a structured pathway of leadership for youth ages 14-21. Ambassadors participate in a twelve-week training program and receive a certificate of completion noting their community service and leadership. The tenets of the program are: Discover, Serve, Lead. Discover your talents. Serve your community. Lead your peers.

Within the twelve weeks you will receive training in:

Financial Literacy

With this program, your child will learn the importance of financial literacy. In addition, they’ll master concepts like money and budgeting as they increase their knowledge in these vital areas that are often overlooked by our youth today!

Black girl and father putting coin into piggy bank
Learn and lead

Leadership Development

Leadership development is an essential life skill that every leader should have. It’s the key to success in any field, but it takes a unique form for kids and teens who are just starting on their leadership journey! In this program, we teach children about what makes great leaders effective ones as well gives them practical skills like managing people or motivating teams so they can grow into responsible adults capable of leading entire organizations one day.


Teens will learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship in this program! These workshops introduce kids to key concepts such as starting a business, pitching ideas for businesses they want create, managing money when running their own enterprise. They’ll also discuss how social media impacts your success or failure as an entrepreneur.

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Civic Engagement

In this program, kids and teens will learn the importance of Civic Engagement. They’ll explore what it means to be an active member in their community by engaging with others in positive ways to change our world for good!

Computer Science Basics

In the age of technology, coding has become an essential skill. In a world where everything is becoming software-based and computerized, we must know how our society functions on this level too! Computer Science Basics will give your child access to understanding what they need for their future careers or personal endeavors while also teaching them some primary programming languages which can be used anywhere from art projects all way up through college coursework if pursued further than just high school graduation day.

A group of students using laptops in a lesson.

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