Science in the city inc.

Where Science, Community & Business Converge

What Is Science In The City Inc.?

We design and develop project-based immersive programs rooted in industry relevance. Leveraging relationships with institutions, businesses and community partners to introduce participants to the latest emerging technologies. The innovative STEME curriculum is culturally inclusive and implements trauma informed practices to support a diverse group of learners.

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What is STEME?


A new approach to STEM education was created by Kyesha Ruffin, founder of Science In The City Inc. The extra E stands for Entrepreneurship. Students study STEM through the lens of an entrepreneurial endeavor. The standard based curriculum embeds the problem-solving skills necessary to be a proficient STEM entrepreneur. Financial Literacy is explicitly taught with real-world applications. In addition, students connect with industry professionals to hone their presentation skills in a “Shark Tank” Themed culminating project.

Scope Our Services


Design and facilitate immersive professional development for teachers and institutions inquiring to implement culturally relevant and pedagogical practices. Provide business coaching services.


EdTech Program Curator - Design and facilitate project-based immersive STEME ™program aligned to national educational standards. Available for speaking engagements.

Scicity Ambassadors Mentorship

We provided a structured pathway of leadership for youth ages 14-21.


Design and facilitate campaigns to address the needs of marginalized communities.


Engage stakeholders and policymakers to support community enrichment projects.

Online Course

We've been hard at work on some courses that will be tailored for STEME based professional development. -- Coming Soon

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